Asparagus recipe: Asparagus strudel, vegetarian version

Ingredients for 6 persons:

2 large. Onions, peeled, chopped
175 g butter 100 g
fine breadcrumbs
8 Scheib. Strudel
geputzt 750 g asparagus, washed, cooked and chopped
4 tbsp.

Chopped parsley to garnish Chervil
lemon slices
asparagus tips
yogurt-herb dressing


Preheat the oven to 200 ° C preheat .

onions in 1 / 7 of the softened butter stew 10 minutes, but not

In a second pan 2 / 7 Heat the butter and the breadcrumbs
is Fry until crispy.

remaining butter in a small saucepan melt.

A Strudelteigblatt on a big board and the
melted butter. A second Teigblatt emphasize
and also with butter. In this way all Teigblätter
stacked layers.

Onions in an even layer on the dough distributing
the edges blank.

Asparagus on the type of onions, with three
quarter of the breadcrumbs with the parsley.

the dough on all sides 5 cm choices, then the long edges
to each other about each other and to propose a role

The role of Nahtseite down on a baking tray and
a horseshoe shape.

the remaining melted butter and other rich
breadcrumb breadcrumbs.

40 Mnuten bake in the oven until the strudel until golden brown and crispy is.
chervil, lemon slices and asparagus tips Garnish with
yogurt-herb dressing served.